Monday, August 30, 2010


tonight will be my third night sleeping in the house. so far, its been like camping: both in the sense that its 'intense' (say 'camping is intense' out loud and just giggle with me) and also in the 'all my food is non perishable and packed in boxes and i get dressed out of a duffel bag and i wear sandals into the bathroom' kind of way. and while at times it is very tempting for me to complain about how the house is a mess and we're still not done painting (grr on the special blue tape STILL peeling the new paint out of the corners) and all my stuff is in boxes and my fiance is going to a baseball game tonight without me and i'm pretty sure that this month is going to result in a half-planned wedding, i am getting better at reminding myself that i am blessed beyond belief to have a house to live in, and a fiance who loves me enough to clean the bathroom for me, and no matter what this month brings i WILL get married in 34 days.
God is good.


Miss Brenda said...

And I will be there in 31 days. And this weekend I am going camping, sadly without you. It will be in tents.

Katie said...

FYI- 34 is my favorite number.
-KT mato