Thursday, August 5, 2010

a sad story about pictures.

and/or: the Technilogical Trifecta

I have probably already whined a million times about the sad state of the virtual memory on my trooper of a laptop, Vanilley. Unfortunately, whining has not amended the situation in the least bit and my computer continues to taunt me with little pop up messages sporting a bright red circle with an X and smugly stating "you are very low on virtual memory and there's nothing you can do about it nya-na-nya-na-nya-nya" (ok so maybe i'm exaggerating but its just as annoying!)

the newest development in the saga of my lack of picture posting is two-fold:
1. my camera battery is dying.
this really shouldnt be a big deal. all i should have to do is recharge my battery. however, somewhere along the way in my travels of late, i have misplaced my battery charger cuz thats just the way my life goes sometimes. so now, i am afraid to even turn my camera on for fear of killing my battery along with any chance i might have had to put my pictures onto my already-too-full computer.
2. my computer refuses to find my internets.
this weekend in my gracious-loving-host mode, i let my 'little' brother use my internets. i said to him "its real easy, just plug the gray cord into your computer and viola! internets!" and he happily spent a majority of his weekend playing games online. if only this were true for me now. i have plugged in the little gray cord. i have rebooted my computer. i have yelled and screamed and threatened to throw Vanilley right of the balcony. she still cant find the internets. so even if my computer wasnt full, and my camera wasnt dead, i STILL wouldnt be able to post any pictures because my internet doesnt work!

i am starting my christmas list now:
- an external hard drive
- a new laptop
- a new camera


Abi said...

:( I tell you what sir :(

Miss Brenda said...

I know the secret, because I have been struggling with pic issues for over a year. All your camera pictures are on a little card which you can take to Stuffmart and transfer them to a CD. Add a camera to your wedding registry. Then just start dumping your pictures onto your husband's computer. VOILA!! Glad to be of service:)

AmiDawn said...

i broke down and bought a new charger. my trusty lil camera should last me long enough now to use the Stuffmart secret to bypass the compy :)