Saturday, August 28, 2010

my dog sparky, he does tricks.

Moving Day!!!
i have been through the torturous process had the distinct privilege of packing up all my stuff and moving several times in my twenty-three years, and this one is by far the most unlike any move that i have ever undertaken. since i've been going to work at the house every night, i have been slowly moving things into the house all week. mostly non-essentials like books, movies, office supplies, boxes that havent been unpacked since the last move, and all the wedding stuff that i havent looked at in at least a month. i have packed them into my car, (nothing new there) and then taken them out the same day in a new place.
but today, everything goes: clothes, furniture, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, and every little detail that i have put into making that apartment feel like home for the past almost-year. it will become someone else's home, and i will move on to my house full of boxes and gifts and drywall dust and do my best to make it start to feel a little bit like home.  


Abi said...

Don't you really miss the little old ladies that would make you cold drinks and dinner for a week after you moved in... Ahh we had the life and didn't even know it. Glad to know you are 'moved in'. Should you need to call someone and tell them that there are boogie men in your basement I am by my phone :) love you

Miss Brenda said...

You have a dog?