Tuesday, August 10, 2010


^^another new word that i just learned by googling "what comes after trifecta"

my phone has apparently felt left out of the en-mass seemingly simultanious failure of anything electronic in my life and last night decided to get in on the action by dutifully vibrating itself into two pieces. the bad news is, of course, that now my phone is in two pieces. and my contract isnt up until October (btw there are only 54 days between now and the third!) the good news is that i fixed it. with the purple tye-dye duct tape that my parents sent me in my easter 'basket'. when i woke up at 6 this morning.
so how exactly, you ask, would you fix a slide-y phone with duct tape while still in the midst of your morning grogginess and still leave it functional? well, if i had a computer at home that would connect to the internet,

then the picture would be right here.

but for now i will just leave it to your imaginations to decide for yourselves just how ridiculous my phone looks right now.

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Abi said...

sorry about your misfortune. Good to have a sense of humor about it. Come to my house where most electronics are working.And Does this mean I will likely lose the bet about how long you can stay on mom's plan?