Monday, April 25, 2011

p.s. I Love You

(Note: we didn't quite make it a full week with that whole TV-Turn-Off thing, as we spent the majority of the day on Sunday watching baseball and movies. i have no regrets)

for the past few years, i have either been 1) a poor college student, 2) planning a wedding, or 3) buying a house, none of which are extremely conducive to keeping up-to-speed with movies in theaters (unless they are deemed worthy, aka Despicable Me, Toy Story, and/or Harry Potter... so what if i have the cinematic taste of a 12-year-old?) but as a result i have at least 4 years worth of backlog of "movies that i really wanted to see when they first came out but was too cheap to see in theaters but then forgot about once they stopped showing the trailers on tv"

thank goodness for Netflix.

i was reminded that i wanted to see this movie thanks to a reccommendation based on movies i had recently seen (including but not limited to Sweeney Todd, Breakfast Club, Tangled, and Beauty and the Beast) and was really excited to watch it. i hadnt heard many reviews and/or other peoples opinions of it, and i definitely didnt take the time to look up what it was about. it was a chick flick. thats all i needed to know. right?

wrong. i should have been forewarned. and you deserve to know. so i will tell you.


it starts out innocently enough, with a fairly accurate portrayal of a young married couple's argument and reconciliation about mothers-in-law, babies, and money that is just so spot on you cant help but giggle. and then the credits roll.

and then its winter, and there's a funeral. the husband's funeral.
stupid cancer.

i bawled. the whole. entire. movie. i took a few breaks to laugh at some funny stuff that was in there (its not all doom and gloom, it is a chick flick after all) but mostly i was a blubbering mess. like a whole-face-covered-in-snot-because-i-couldnt-find-the-tissue-box-through-my-tears kind of blubbering mess. the movie was just so sweet and so very sad all at the same time and it hit me right in my newlywed-terrified-of-ever-losing-her-husband gut.

you should watch this movie. just consider yourself forewarned of its sadness. and make sure you stock up on tissues first, especially if you
1) are married, 2) are engaged, 3) are blessed with an amazing man in your life, 4) have a loved one battling cancer,  5) have ever lost anyone to cancer, 6) have ever found yourself suddenly alone, or 7) know anyone irish.

to break it down: ladies, get your tissues. men, be prepared to spend the entire movie lovingly holding your lady as she sobs into your shoulder and stifling your incredulous giggles at how very emotional she is getting over a movieforgoodnesssake.

i laughed, i cried, i thought about life. this movie made me cling to my husband and realize just how lucky i am to have him in my life. in short, it moved me Bob.

i wonder whats next on the queue?

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Brenda's Man said...

I'd go back to a good VeggieTales video if I were you! Cauliflower - half an hour - VeggieTales! Yep that outta do it.