Tuesday, April 12, 2011


so, i started writing this post about a month ago, because i had a great picture of a lovely flower that had planted itself in my front flower bed. i was so excited about this lovely purple flower that i took a picture of it (okay maybe a few) every time i walked past it. because if i waited til later it would never look just like it did right then ever again!

but i didnt want to claim that spring had sprung just based on that one little flower, and i noticed a few others who were threatening to bloom, so i figured i'd wait until i had a few more flower pictures to declare the arrival of spring to my house.

but then, it snowed. and my lovely purple crocuses (i think thats what they were) were no more.

surprisingly enough, this unexpected little turn of events fit quite perfectly into the initial deep-and-meaningful thought that i was going for with my original post:

we never know whats coming. life is an unending cycle of unknowns and surprises.

i thought that those lovely purple flowers meant that spring was here. that temperatures would continue to just rise. that the sunshine was here to stay. surprise! i was wrong.

at one point in my life, i thought that i would never get a job after graduation. that i would never again have a place to call home. that i would be living out of my car forever. surprise! i was wrong.

i thought that i had a good handle on what marriage was going to look like. that everything would be stress-free after the wedding. that living with a boy would be a piece of cake. that i could continue to handle everything on my own. surprise! i was wrong.

i have no idea what the outside of my house is going to look like this spring. the state of my gardens and flower beds is a complete unknown to me. and yet, this is an unknown in my life that carries a bit more exciting and hardly any scary (i mean yeah, previous unknowns in my life were plenty exciting but they had a lot more scary-life-altering-implications to them than plants and flowers) i cant wait to see what pops up around the house this spring and summer, to tend to the plants that do appear, and make a plan for making it my own next year.

but for now, i'm pretty happy with the daffodils that have appeared by my mailbox.

Happy Spring!


Miss Brenda said...

Enjoy your surprises. I planted daffodil bulbs in the fall. I had a good idea what they would look like this Spring. Surprise! None of them came up. Love you.

Brenda's Man said...

I love my little flower child!