Thursday, April 21, 2011

turning it "off"

the TV, that is. (and only kind of, so dont be too impressed or let my seemingly pure motivated over-achieving-ness overwhelm you or make you feel less awesome than you are.)

during my prowling stalking perusing of the interwebs early this week, i came across an article about ten ideas of things to do during TV-Turn-Off week, which is apparently this week. i did not read the article. but i did spontaneously decide that going a week without spending most evenings planted squarely on the couch staringly mostly blankly (but sometimes laughingly) at the tv would be a good thing for us. i also managed to find an Easter Week devotional that was put together by someone else's church that i thought we could do instead of our typical TV time in the evenings.

Things you should know about TV-Turn-Off Week:

1. its already half-over for this year. so too late for you. sorry about that.

2. the first TV-Turn-Off Week was in 1994. i was 7 years old. i had a bowl cut.

3. technically, at some point recently it turned into Screen-Free Week to include all electronics in the off-limits category.
   3a. we're not doing that. our computers are still completely on-limits.

4. we kind of made up our own rules for the week. they include a 1-hr allowance on Tuesday night (for the all-important consumption of new Glee!) and brief score checks when the Orioles are playing, which is surprisingly a lot.

5. turning off your TV will not magically free up your brain space. you will still forget to do a lot of things - like buying a dye kit for Easter eggs. and buying eggs. and actually making time for your evening devotions.

6. it will, however free up a lot of time for things you've been meaning to do for weeks - like hang stuff on the walls and organize your giant piles-o-stuff in the basement and go for a run and start reading a new book and get a hair cut.

7. all your extra free time might lead you to make some astounding discoveries. like a mostly forgotten bag of potatoes in your cupboard. that may or may not have been planning an uprising against the mind-numbed humans of the household. i think they were just a few days shy of forming their own coherent form of government and self-sustaining community.

this is why its probably a good idea i stopped that whole 'cooking blog' thing

TV-Turn-Off-sort-of-Screen-Free Week: stopping vegetable revolts for 17 years and counting!

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Miss Brenda said...

bwa! ha! ha! Your brother thinks almost all vegetables are revolting.