Friday, April 8, 2011

today should not be friday.

it should totally be saturday. i should not have had to tear myself out of my warm, comfy bed this morning. i should not have had to deal with cold tile floors and damp jeans in the dryer. (although i am very thankful for my hubband who actually put them in the dryer last night after i had already crawled into bed and THEN remembered the mass of wet denim chillin in the washing machine) i should not have had to come to work today on this gray, rainy, bleh kind of day.

my brain is rebelling this morning. in the form of a monster headache. (still waiting for the ibuprofen to prove itself worthy by showing any sort of effectiveness at curbing said brain-throbbing) when the skull exploding pressure combines with the dull ache in my back and mixes with my overall exhaustion, i'm thinking that napping under my desk this afternoon is really the only viable option here. it could be the fault of the gray, rainy, bleh kind of feeling that is permeating the world today, but more than likely it is my own lazy fault.

for not eating real breakfast this morning. for not packing myself a morning snack. for overeating bad food yesterday (diner food and frozen treats because i didnt want to cook!). for not making any effort to make any sort of food other than pasta and frozen pizza all week. for not taking out my contacts every night like i'm supposed to. for giving into my deep down desire to just sit around on the couch all evening watching Mythbusters and eating ice cream.

i am so glad tomorrow is the weekend. for real. i think i need to just put this week of sloth and gluttony behind me and start over.

maybe next week will be better. maybe next week i will kind of resemble a more capable kind of human being. maybe i will finally make that new crock pot meal that i bought all the stuff for.

(or maybe what i'm saying here is hi! sorry for that misdirection last weekend! i am really just old and lame!)


Abi said...

if you nap under your desk perhaps you could do it with the kitten. And take a picture for me so I can free up the brain space I'm wasting by constructing a picture of you curled up with the kitten under your desk. Hope you feel better at the end of next week. :)

Brenda's Man said...

You ARE a capable, productive person. You are also a skilled metal worker. Love you!