Saturday, April 2, 2011

totally not lame.

so yesterday afternoon i got a call from my sister. she said "come to my house! you have nothing better to do this weekend! you are young and spontaneous! come visit me while you still can before you have babies like me and get old and lame!"

and i said, "but i was going to make burgers for dinner tonight, and clean the basement, and unpack some more boxes"

and what i heard myself say was, "i am old and lame."

so i packed a bag, got in my car, and drove to NY. because i am SO not old and lame yet.

they are about this excited to see me.

(that is not true we are all very excited and having a great visit!)

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Miss Brenda said...

Oh, to be young and not lame. Have a great visit. Love and kisses to you all.