Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day Eight: Play Ball!

so, the real reason that the sister with the babies came to my house after vacation wasn't just to make me feel better about the end of vacation, or to play at my playground, or to eat a sno-ball. they actually came to see Baltimore and go to a baseball game with us at Camden Yards. and we were more than happy to oblige and to spend more time together! we drove down into the Inner Harbor and walked around a bit to see the sights and find a place to eat. and then just when we were getting ready to head over to the stadium, it started pouring down rain.

even though we had two umbrellas between the six of us, we ALL managed to get completely soaked as we made our way through the streets of B-more. but it was a pretty comfortable summer rain, we finally did make it to the ballpark, AND it was bobblehead night. success!

the tarp was on the field, and there was a rain delay, and no one else (including the MASN guy that Mark talked to) seemed too optimistic that the weather would clear up, but we were actually very optimistic the whole time because we had seats that were under cover, we were on vacation, and we were there to have fun!

the rain delay lasted just over an hour total, and yes, we were among those obnoxious people who cheered when the rain stopped and they came out to take the tarp off the field!

i was pretty excited that they were actually going to play, since this was my first Orioles game too! i have been watching them a lot on tv since the hubs is a fan (and they dont show many Pirates games in B-more) so i guess you could say that i am kind of an O's fan too.

even though the rain came back again just before gametime, they played anyway! it turned out to be a pretty quick game, with a lot of innings where the batters went down in order. (which was good since it started an hour late) the rain kept coming back off and on, but since our seats were covered we hardly noticed.

we thought we were going to leave early, but since the game was going so well, and we were winning, we ended up staying til the end of the game to see if the O's could hold onto their lead. which they did! although not everybody in our party can say that they actually saw the end of the game, just that they were there.

and just like that, vacation was over.

thanks for letting me extend my vacation by an extra week and a half. i hope you enjoyed the recaps even half as much as i enjoyed the actual vacation, because it was awesome. and i can't wait until we are all together again.

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