Monday, August 8, 2011

Day Two: Lazy Sunday.

after a morning kerfuffle over a bit of bacon, a few red lights, and some less-than-stellar directions on the way to church, we were more than ready to pack a lunch and spend the afternoon doing nothing and being lazy at the park where we ran the 5K the day before.

while we were happy to eat our lunch and play with bubbles, Dad and the brothers-in-law wandered off to see what all there was to actually do at the park.

they came back with a plan: boats! a jon-boat, (not to be confused with a dinghy because for some reason they are apparently different) a paddleboat, and a two-person kayak were just right to keep us all entertained and gave us plenty of chances to try out all the different options.

although some of us were skeptical at first, once we were on the water it was obvious that this was a great plan.

there was plenty of wildlife to see, including dragonflies and turtles and this little frog-guy who jumped right out of the lake and onto Dad's arm, beginning a trend of us seeing at least one frog every day for the rest of the week.

we spent the whole afternoon just paddling lazily around the little lake. it was fun, and relaxing, and mostly cloudy so we didnt have to worry (too much) about overheating or sunburn.

also, we need to start looking more seriously into getting ourselves some kayaks and finding a place to use them, because i had almost forgotten how much i like being on a lake in a kayak.

near the end of the afternoon, there may or may not have been a mini naval battle, with the jon-boat attempting to forcefully enlist the "athletic couple" in the kayak (hey thats us!) to pull their lazy butts back to dock.

however, due to a miscalculation on their part, they ended up towing us instead!

it was a great day to be together. and don't we all just look so very good in our life vests? i might just have to start wearing one all the time. think anyone else would join in on the trend?

the only downfall of the day was that the hubs had a minor run in with chiggers. i didnt bother to take any pictures of the tiny creepy little bugs that were all over his feet and ankles, because um, ew gross! but have no fear they were spotted quickly and swiftly eradicated with a combination of a towel, some hand sanitizer, a can of Raid (for his shoes), some hydrogen peroxide, and a good scrub in the shower. in fact, if i hadnt just mentioned them right now, they would probably be one of those long-forgotten vacation memories because they were just that much of a non-event in the grand scheme of a great vacation.

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