Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day One: Vaca 5K.

i know. i know. i should have been blogging every day of vacation this past week like my Mom did so as not to have to bore you all with things that happened a week ago. (or more, depending on how good of a recapper i actually end up being) but i was having too much fun actually enjoying vacation to take any time at all for blogging. sorry about that. so just sit back, relax, and enjoy as i extend my vacation (at least mentally) for as long as possible.

note: since Friday was a travel day and all we really did was show up, eat dinner, and chill at the pool, i'm not counting it as a full day.

we woke up bright and early Saturday morning to run the First Ever Family Vaca 5K Fun Run/Walk. the hubs ran with me to keep me motivated, which is a good thing, otherwise i would probably have quit at least three times. the route ended up being just a little longer than an official 5K (3.6 miles according to my sisters GPS) but we were all able to finish!!! Mark and I crossed the finish line at just over 44 mins, with the rest of the fam not far behind. everyone was finished in under an hour. and everyone came in first in their division!

ps how great are those shirts?!?

 it was a really good thing that we decided to do the 5K first thing, because it gave us all a great sense of accomplishment and allowed us to fully enjoy the rest of the week without having anything big like a 3+ mile run looming over our heads the whole time.

we spent the rest of the (very hot and humid!) day checking out a local farmers market, which came complete with a bluegrass band!

and in the evening we headed over to Busch Gardens for a few late-night rides and to watch their evening fireworks display.

and to think all that was just the first day...

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