Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Four: Just Beachy.

because Tuesday wasn't a weekend and it wasn't supposed to rain, we headed to the beach for the day!

we dug in the sand, and let the tide bury our feet.

we took advantage of the nice breeze and gave our honeymoon kite another go-round.

Claire Marie held the handle with two hands. and Daddy held onto the string. just in case.

we jumped waves and boogie-boarded the day away. there was no time for just lounging and reading a book, because we were way too busy having a great time playing together.

there were a lot of jellyfish (not the stinging kind) and fish and crabs in the ocean that day, and Claire decided that there were just "too many creatures in this ocean" for her to enjoy any more time in the water.

but Nick, on the other hand, couldnt get enough of the water and the waves and was just bummed that he wasnt allowed to get down and swim on his own.

despite the fact that we slathered and reapplied several times throughout the day, i think we all ended up getting burnt. some worse than others. i think the Goob got it the worst; he didn't want to move very much for the rest of the week. me and the hubs did alright, he had some peeling on his shoulders and i ended up with a lovely chunk right at my hairline that makes me look all dandruffy and my shoulders just started peeling a little yesterday, but mostly i think i just wound up with a pretty nice tan!

note to self: 
try a higher SPF. spend more time with the fam. preferably at the beach.

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