Monday, August 15, 2011

Day Seven: parting ways.

what? you really thought just because i took the weekend off from posting that i was ready to admit that vacation is over? hardly. i still haven't even unpacked my suitcase. or caught up with all my laundry. although while i've been re-living vacation we have been busy doing other blog-worthy things, but i'll get to those eventually. after all, there are still a couple more days of vacation left!

our time all-together was all too short. so we eased the end-of-vacation blues by having the sister with the babies come and spend the weekend with us. after a long drive home (made even longer by traffic) what the kids really wanted was more car-time, so we headed to the park.

it was a good way to blow off some steam at the end of a traveling day.

and a great way to get really dizzy on this spinny-seat thing.

after dinner, we went out for authentic Maryland sno-balls from the sno-ball stand up the road. spoiler alert: they're just like sno-cones. just not in a cone. but they do taste very much like vacation.

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Abi said...

I love you and your house. Can't wait to see pictures of the finished room :)