Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Six: the last full day.

the end came oh so fast. and since the majority vote wanted to go back to Busch Gardens again, thats where we went too because we wanted to spend as much time together with everybody as we could. we rode all the big coasters again, since the lines were only slightly longer than the day before, and we also made time for a few other rides, like the teacups!

we ended up meeting up with Mom, Dad, Stasia, and the Goob for lunch in New France and to ride the Griffon (a coaster that hangs you over the edge for a few seconds before dropping you down the completely vertical hill!) we rode in the front row, and i managed to keep my eyes open the whole time and my hands up for some of it. Mom had her eyes closed for the first drop, but she said it was her favorite coaster.

the Goob says this is his 'dancing to banjo music' face. 

we split up again on our way out of the park. Mark and I couldnt convince the Goob to ride the Alpengeist, but since he waited so patiently for us at the exit, we stopped to let him check out the Sesame Street Forest of Fun. unfortunately, he was just a little too tall for any of the rides.

ok, so maybe we just stopped long enough to quickly snap this off-center pic.

we had to leave the park a little early-ish because we were in charge of picking up dinner: steamed crabs! everybody sat and picked crabs and worked on finishing up all the other leftovers we had accumulated throughout the week.

check out that pile of shells: i think this is my best showing to date at crab picking. i didnt count how many i ate, or how long i sat for, but i had a good time. i mostly ate claws, because there is still something that is just not right in my head about ripping apart and eating something that is looking at me. ugh. i just can't bring myself to do it.

but pretty much everyone else could, and we made quick work of those crabs. and of course, Mark was the last one sitting to finish them all up.

the Goob tried to kick us all out so that he could go to bed, but we were having way too much fun being all together in the same place, so we stayed up way too late doing nothing but being together.

PS is this really the only sibling picture we took the entire week? gosh i love you guys.

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