Wednesday, August 24, 2011

earthquakepocolypse 2011.

hey guys, what's shakin'?

**dissolves into a fit of giggles cuz i am so dang clever! and funny!**

but seriously, an earthquake? on the east coast? on a tuesday? whoah. that's crazy! apparently it was the first earthquake we've had of that magnitude since WWII. apparently it could be felt from ohio to south carolina to canada. apparently office buildings all over the place were evacuated and people got to go home for the afternoon. (in our office, once we were all sure that the shaking wasn't going to trigger another flood, we just went back to work) apparently the shaking even cracked the Washington Monument.

facebook immediately exploded with a slew of updates along the lines of
you know, a reaction that was completely proportional to the severity of the event. major phone companies shut down because they couldnt handle the volume of people calling home to make sure their house was all in one piece. i didnt have anyone at home, so i had to wait til the end of the day to find out how our little house and our new drywall did in its very first major-moderate earthquake. and good news: it was fine and un-cracked!

our house: better than the Washington Monument since 2011.


Miss Brenda said...

So glad you were just mildly shaken. Sorry you didn't get the afternoon off.

Brenda's Man said...

you should have an apocalyptic movie marathon! I love you LOTS!

PS - Did Mark take the opportunity to sing, "I feel the earth move under my feet..." ? ;)

the indians and pirates said...

Photo caption made me giggle.