Friday, March 2, 2012

effortlessly wavy hair.

most of the time, my hair is straight. well, mostly straight anyway. if left to its own devices, it morphs itself into a wacky half-straight, half-wavy, all-ugly kind of a 'do no matter what i do. so i just straighten it. pretty much every day. because i like having straight hair, and i have no idea what else to do with my hair.

hair products baffle me and no matter what i do i end up with a greasy-looking tangled mop of hair that i have to painfully brush out and hastily pull into a pony tail to disguise the fact that i tried and failed miserably to use some sort of product on my hair.

but today, i managed to figure it out. somewhat. kind of. ish. whatever. my hair looks different and it took me almost negative time to style it and so i am going to share my newfound knowledge with you.

Effortlessly Wavy Hair

1. take a shower the night before you want your hair to be wavy.

2. do not dry your hair.

3. pull it up into a soaking wet messy bun, pin your bangs back, go to bed.

4. the next morning, feel free to sleep in through all the time you normally spend on your hair.

5. when you finally drag your sorry self out of bed, let your still-damp hair down and unpin bangs.

6. do not brush your hair. maybe fluff it a little with your fingers.

7. apply plenty of hairspray, because it is one of the only hair products you own, and because you knew that one girl in college who had curly hair and she styled hers with hairspray and her hair always looked really good.

8. pin your bangs back again with a cute clip.

9. pray that you hair will not fall flat on the drive to work.

10. keep a hair-tie on your wrist for any midday hair emergencies.

and there you have it! 10 steps to literally effortless wavy hair that looks like you might actually have hair that behaves on a regular basis, or that you actually spent time styling it when really you just wanted to sleep in an extra 40 minutes.

have a good weekend!

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Abi said...

She looks gooood. ~C
this hairstyle is 4 yr old approved :)