Monday, March 5, 2012

meal plan monday: march 5.

well, we've got one week of our new extra-healthy lifestyle under our belts, and i think for the most part we did all right with it. i only ate one M&M all week, Mark started lifting again, we tried a new recipe that was very tasty and left our kitchen a complete mess, and i learned how to hard-boil an egg. (turns out i must have missed that chapter in the how-to-be-a-responsible-adult book)

this was dinner on wednesday, NOT me learning how to hard-boil eggs

since this whole thing started after i weighed myself at a stranger's house and discovered 10 extra mystery pounds, i feel the need to tell you that i think their scale was wrong. because i weighed myself on our scale a few days later and it told me that i had lost 5 pounds already, and that's just crazypants. and no, i am not going to even consider the notion that it might be OUR scale that is broken. what normal person would believe a stranger's scale over their own? especially when your own scale tells you nicer numbers?

in other kitchen-related news, work in there got started over the weekend in the form of fixing and painting the ceiling! the counters were cleared, and everything got draped in plastic dropcloths. it looked kind of similar to a kill scene from Dexter.  (or at least what i imagine one would look like, as i never really got into that show.)

of course we did this AFTER we cleared all the counters

so the next step will be trim paint, and then color for the walls, and then a fresh coat of trim-color paint on the cabinets and drawers, and then a shelf installation, and then i'll get to move everything back onto the counters instead of having it all live on the card table in the nook.

so here we go for another week of light, healthy dinners.

Monday: tilapia with rice and salad.
Tuesday: soup from a can.
Wednesday: chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce. (recipe)
Thursday: turkey sandwiches.
Friday: Mark is on his own for dinner cuz i'm heading to NYC for
Saturday: BIRTHDAY
Sunday: WEEKEND!

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Abi said...

You yelled at me for sharing your mess with your mom and then you posted a worse mess on the internet!?! You make no sense but you are still welcome to come and check out my mess in NYC!!! see you soon.