Tuesday, March 6, 2012

my sister is better than your sister.

and i will tell you why.

1. she came to visit me over the weekend. she even invited herself so i didnt have to. she trusted the kids with her husband and woke up super-duper early to drive down from the big city to spend the weekend with me in farm country.

2. she brought me a box full of hand-me-down clothes, effectively doubling my work wardrobe. also, a new coat. i'm in love with it, and have been wearing it every day.

i took this picture at a red light. i swear i'm a responsible driver.

3. she gave me an excuse to go to IKEA, where she was thisclose to convincing me that i NEEDED a 4-foot round tabletop for 60% off to turn into a giant wall clock for my basement. all it needed was some paint, a few house numbers, and a big clock kit. and if it weren't so heavy that it had the potential to tear down an entire wall if we actually hung it up we would have totally been trying to make that thing fit in my car.

4. she brought her amazing little brother sewing machine with her, and helped me make this:

its a tshirt quilt! made out of all of Mark's old tshirts that i wouldnt let him wear in public anymore!

we followed this tutorial, which was the best i found for our level of sewing expertise. it didnt require us to have any fancy equipment or really know how to quilt anything at all. unfortunately, i found this tutorial after i had already started, so i ended up doing a couple of steps out of order. next time i'll know to iron on the interfacing to the tshirts BEFORE i measure and cut them into squares.

by the time Abi came with the sewing machine, we were ready to roll. and by we, i mean i did all the measuring and ironing, some of the cutting, and none of the actual sewing.

and Abi did all the rest. she pieced all the squares together, she pinned together the fleece batting and the backing, (the right way) and then she sewed it all together. because she loves me.

my sister is awesome. be jealous.

i dont have a good After shot of the completely completed quilt yet, because its not quite done. i still have to hand-tie/tack all the layers together at the corner of each square. but what i do have is this attempted-almost-after shot where i posed like a weirdo and held up the quilt because hello! this is exciting!

aaand then i realized i had held it up backwards. and then my camera died. (but there's only 16 days left until my birthday and i'm really really crossing my fingers and hoping for a new camera hinthintwinkwinkMark!)

it was an ambitious weekend. it was a crazy weekend. it was a fun weekend. i would not have survived it without my awesome sister. oh, and did i mention:

5. she left her little brother with me for the week so i could do some other little sewing projects!

she's the best.

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