Monday, March 19, 2012

meal plan monday: march 19.

this week in kitchen-news: PAINT!

since the ceiling and the trim got done a few weekends ago, Mark was able to get the painting-with-color started on Tuesday by doing a quick coat of edging around the ceiling. he's gotten really good at cutting-in since we've painted almost every room in our house, so he no longer has to waste time and energy taping things off.

then while i was out partying all day Saturday, (more on that later in the week) Mark painted all the rest of our little kitchen!

if it looks kind of bright to you, its probably because it is.  Mark doesnt seem too thrilled with it, but after that whole 'repainting-the-hallway-a-slightly-different-shade-of-gray' thing, he's already sworn up and down that he's not repainting it anytime soon.

but the good news is that i love it! it is bright and cheery and sunshiney and it covers all the spackle-spots! the only downside to this color is that it kind of makes me hate our fake-wood counters, but since they're not going anywhere any time soon, we're just going to have to live with them for a while.

you can tell that we're not quite done in here, (and also that i dont really bother to stage my photos) as evidenced by the missing cabinet door, the junk on the counter, the trash bag waiting to go out, and the shop vac. oh, and the fact that all the things that usually take up the scarce and valuable real estate on the kitchen counters are currently living on a card table in the breakfast nook. but this step was some major progress and i just couldnt wait to share!

Still on our To-Do list for the kitchen:
- hang a shelf for added storage on the one real wall.
- put the real light fixture back up.
- paint the cabinets a fresh shade of white.
- decide on what to do with the fake wall next to the fridge.
- move all our kitchen stuff out of the nook and back into the kitchen.

but in the meantime, we still have to eat. so here's the plan for this week:

Monday: taco night. (3 days til my birthday)
Tuesday: fish with salad. dinner with the in-laws (2 days til my birthday)
Wednesday: citrus herb chicken, and corn. (1 day til my birthday)
Thursday: IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!  soup from a can?
        (Mark has softball and i have jazzercise so we're not going out for dinner or
           doing anything really special)
Friday: crock pot mediterranean chicken breast and rice (recipe) 
        (going to see the Hunger Games for my birthday!)
Saturday: out to dinner for my birthday!
Sunday: since we never follow through our plan this far, let's just say pasta.

PS. my birthday is this week, just in case you didn't catch that.


Brenda's Man said...

Tacos on Monday and not Tuesday - is that allowed?

the indians and pirates said...

I love this happy color! ~Steph