Monday, March 29, 2010


i love having a ring on my finger. this is surprising to me because up until this point in my life i have never worn rings. well i think i might have had a duct tape thumb ring for a while but i dont know that that really counts. i have been wearing my ring all the time - even at night. i like it that much. but i knew that eventually i was going to have to give it back to get it resized. so the night before i had to give it back i took it off before i went to bed, just to acclimate myself to not having it on before the real deal (kind of like trying it on only backwards) it was so weird. my finger felt so naked. it was like a part of me was missing and i had only had the ring on for less than a week.
that night, i had the most horrible nightmare. (even worse than the one where the monster in the sink of McDonalds pulled me down the drain when i was washing my hands) in my dream, Mark and i had only known each other for like four days, but we were SO in love, he asked me to marry him, i said yes, and i got the ring. we were at some sort of a family reunion, but only certain family members (and random friends/acquaintences) were there. Then things took a turn for the worse when one of my friends current girlfriends came on the scene. (we have a little bit of bad blood between us i'm not sure why she was at my fam reunion lol) Mark took one look at her, took my ring from me, gave it to her, and they ran away together. i spent the rest of the dream fake smiling and laughing, pretending i was still happily engaged so as not to alarm my family. it was so horrible i woke up at 4am, terrified that it was real. i cant remember the last time a dream woke me up in the middle of the night. i went and put my ring back on.
my ring is gone for two weeks to get resized. (my sister suggested throwing it back at his face, just to see what it would feel like but i didnt want to push my luck) i am really looking forward to having it back.


Abi said...

and he didn't replace it with a gumball machine ring or anything... I mean come on... back to the duct tape for you :)

Miss Brenda said...

At least you were clothed in your dream. Love you lots.

Brenda's Man said...

Sort of like a "It's my party and I'll Cry if I want to" sort of dream. I'm glad it wasn't real! I love you!