Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i love march.

Top Ten things i love about the month of March - in (pretty much) reverse chronological order.

- sometimes Easter (cuz i like rabbits. and jellybeans.)
- Spring!
- Lissa's wedding!
          (ok so it doesnt happen EVERY march but its still uber exciting)
- St. Patricks Day
          (aka 'wear green day' of spirit week at Forest Hills Elementary School)
- Abi's Birthday
          (its kind of interesting that its also the ides of march...)
- Girl Scout Cookies.
            (i am a firm believer that ThinMints are to be eaten by the sleeve)
- Reese's peanut butter eggs.
- Julie's Birthday!!!!
- Shamrock Shakes!!!

you will note that March Madness is not on my list. i couldn't care less about basketball. although there was that one year (tenth grade i do believe) that i correctly guessed that Syracuse would win it all. their uniforms were orange. what can i say i am my mothers child :)


Abi said...

watch out for the girlscout cookies this year, they are recalling a bunch. Not because they will make you sick but because they smell/taste 'funny'.... you can not get girlscout cookies in NY, so if you are ordering let me know.... love you :)

AmiDawn said...

they're only recalling the lemon ones, and i dont eat those. i stick to thin mints and tagalongs almost exclusively.

Ashley Hodges said...

yummmm!!! I have a box and a half a sleeve calling my name right now!!!!!