Thursday, March 11, 2010


i bought a new car in November, the weekend after Thanksgiving. I named her Sophie. (she was gonna be Sadie until i found out that my boyfriend used to know a girl named Sadie who had a huge crush on him.) two weeks later, some debris on the highway flew up and hit Sophie, nicking the grill and taking a small chunk of paint off the front end of the hood. i went to the shop that my dealer suggested to get an estimate on fixing what my uncle deemed to be a 'scratch' but that i still preferred to call a 'chunk.' they told me it would cost me roughly $400 to fix it. since i am not the idiot girl they apparently assumed me to be, i knew that was not entirely true. so i ignored them. we made it through the winter just fine. when i went to get my oil changed, Ismael and Jose reminded me that the chunk was there and that i should do something about it so it wouldnt start to rust. so i went back to the same place to ask them for a less expensive estimate. the man who looked at it said 'let me see if i have some paint mixed up in that color.' he came back about two minutes later with some touchup paint, took care of the chunk, gave me a little bottle of paint, and i was good to go. i knew it could be done for less than $400.
similarly - my parents bought me a laptop when i went to college. i named her Vanilley. (counterpart to Milley who belongs to my BFITW) last week she decided to stop making noise on friday. not only was all my music on itunes rendered useless, but this was the day right after i had missed my thursday shows which meant that i would not be able to catch up with them online. to make matters worse, i missed my monday shows too. i restarted my computer yesterday. today, the sound is back. this makes no sense to me but hey i'll take it over having to buy a new computer.
Life is Good.


Abi said...

When I read that I secretly know it took almost an entire day for your computer to boot up... :) I love you! and I'm happy to hear that your life is fixing itself.

Miss Brenda said...

I love 'life is good' days. Hope you have another one today.