Tuesday, March 30, 2010

epic fail.

yesterday i started to climb back on the wagon. not that lame wagon where you dont drink because you cant have just one (one is really all it takes for me to achieve my desired state of giddy anyway) but the wagon i was trying so desperately to hang onto, rode along the side with my feet dragging in the dust for a while, and eventually fell off and have spent the past month half-heartedly chasing down the road. its the one where i work out on a regular basis, eat decently healthy food, clean up after myself, do the dishes and laundry in a timely manner, read my bible more than once a month, spend quality time in prayer, and just generally be a decently responsible and healthy human being.
i was doing reasonably well at all of these things for quite a while. and then Lent hit. is it possible to fail Lent? because as soon as i made a commitment to read my bible every day and start a specific reading plan, i pretty much just stopped reading all together. and to add insult to injury i stopped making any effort to get to the gym at all and my dietary habits went to pot. so here i am with less than a week left of Lent, wondering if its possible to pull a couple all-nighters and last minute cram sessions and pull my theoretical lenten-grade up to at least passing this year?
i bought a scale. (and as soon as i get batteries for it it will be much more useful) i went to the gym. i ran 2.25 miles on the elliptical and did all the reps my lifting plan told me to do. i did two loads of laundry. i ate pasta and carrots with peanut butter. i loaded and ran the dishwasher. i started reading the book that Dutcher gave Mark and me to read through our pre-marital counseling. i still feel like i'm in a really big hole with my bible reading, but i spent time just talking to God last night - telling him my hopes, fears, and surrendering my plans over to Him. and then i told him that all again this morning.
i feel good about this.
i really hope it sticks this time.


Miss Brenda said...

I am starting week two of the c25k thing, and I will be ready to go 5k with you in Sedona. Oh, yes, we can.

Brenda's Man said...

I am thrilled that God doesn't keep score the same way we keep score. He is like Mr. Incredible; "I don't know why you are upset, I'm just happy to see you!" (not an exact quote)
As always I love you LOTS! and am very proud of you.

Minnie said...

was the peanut butter on the pasta and carrots??

AmiDawn said...

just on the carrots, not the pasta.

nancyann said...

Just found out that peanut butter is really good on raw cabbage; like a cabbage roll-up!