Friday, March 5, 2010

bovine ballroom?

i was blessed to have grown up in a family that loved music. my two sisters and i took piano lessons with our mom, we all played instruments in the band, and it was not uncommon for one or all of us to burst out into random song at any given moment.
i was also blessed to have grown up in a family that taped movies off tv. they were some of my favorites - from the Brave Little Toaster to the sing-a-long musicals. we had Bye Bye Birdie, Singin in the Rain, and Oklahoma. i spent countless hours watching these musicals - wishing i could sing and dance like that, trying to sing without my top lip moving, and working desperately to keep up with the words running along the bottom of the screen. but try as i might, there were just some times that they went way too fast for me and i missed a word or two.
one of those songs that i missed a lot from was in Oklahoma - the one from the box social where the farmer and the cowman should be friends, so apparently the cowboys danced with the farmers' daughters and the farmers dance with the rancher's cows. it always seemed to me that the farmer's were getting gipped in this friendship if they gave up their daughters and all they got in return were cows to dance with. how would you even dance with a cow? they just dont seem like they would be very light on their feet.
i had an epiphany (and/or a moment of clear hearing) last night in the Elizabethtown High School auditorium, watching their performance of Oklahoma with my aunt and cousin - the farmers were dancing with the ranchers' gals. that makes SO much more sense!!
i love musicals :)

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Miss Brenda said...

Bwa haa ha. Another "I thought you said..." moment. Love you :)