Thursday, March 25, 2010

the story.

ok so apparently no one was interested in my attempt at a quick yet humorous/whimsical post while i worked towards this one. either that or it was neither humorous nor whimsical. either way...

last week, my BFITW emailed me to request my help with a lesson plan she was putting together for one of her math classes. she said she was gathering information for a lesson on correlation - to see the relationship between the circumference of your wrist and your ankle, the size of fingers on your left hand compared to your right, and the amount of tv you watch per night compared to your age. without really thinking, i sent her this information (measured with an ipod cord because for some reason or another i own no string)
this past weekend, i went to Maine for my friend Melissa's wedding. I have known her for the past four years, and even though we didn't really get along when we first met (i thought she was stuck up, and she was scared of me) we became really good friends, bonding over classes and coffee. i was there when she was freaking out about her first date, so i was excited to be there for the wedding too :) 
the day after the wedding, Mark and I planned to go to a state park that i found online that had a lake. the weather was gorgeous (which is unheard of in Maine, especially in March) but we hit a snag in our plan: the bridge that our directions wanted us to take was under construction and completely impassable. there was a posted detour, but it was pretty much useless. i was starting to freak out a little cuz our perfect day in the park was appearing like it wasnt gonna happen, and getting mad at myself for not planning better and not having a map.
after driving around for a while, we finally found our way to the other side of the lake where we found the other way into the park. it was exactly what maine looked like in my head. we walked down the shore and found a cool tree to sit on that was right by the edge of the water. i started to relax and boldly declared that moment was perfect. Mark asked me if i really thought so, so i told him again that it was perfect. he then proceeded to get up and get down on one knee next to the tree.
i think at this point i should have been speechless, and i think my brain really was, but my mouth apparently didnt get the memo. i heard myself ask 'what are you doing?' as he pulled the ring out of his pocket and said 'what does it look like i'm doing? i'm getting down on one knee.' to which i replied 'are you serious? is that real?' and he asked 'will you be my wife?' and i took a picture of the ring and asked 'can i wear that?'
he gently reminded me that i would have to actually answer him first before i could wear the ring. so then i think my brain finally woke up and i said 'yes! of course!'
we ate lobster that night. not because either of us like lobster (in fact neither of us are fans-he prefers crabs and i prefer my food to not look at me) but because it seemed like a celebratory thing and how can you go to maine and not eat lobster? mark was mostly done with his before i had even got up the nerve to touch mine. eventually i managed to rip its arms off and break the claws all by myself. i let mark rip the rest of it apart for me. i was mostly glad i didnt have to clean it up after.
i get really excited all over again every time my ring catches my eye. which is pretty often. i cant help but think this is just the beginning of something really good. i have a ton of other thoughts about all sorts of stuff running through my head constantly, but i will save them for a later date.


Miss Brenda said...

May I just say, you look maaarvelous dahling. Need to see more of you. Miss you like crazy.

Abi said...

I love you and it sounds like you are so in love. I'm happy for you :) come over soon so I can see that stone :)

Brenda's Man said...

I just want to mention that we took you to Maine and you wouldn't eat lobster while there before...just saying.
I love you lots!

Abi said...

see he's good for her... she's eating lobster!

AmiDawn said...

i just want to mention that i was 2 when you took me to Maine and that lobster looked at me!

Abi said...

I don't think the age has anything to do with it.. had it been you and me in Maine and I asked you to marry me and then to eat a lobster I think it would be 'no' on both accounts.

Minnie said...

Congratulations!! So happy for you..