Thursday, June 21, 2012


i got to Skype with my parents last night. they live really far away, so we dont get to see nearly enough of each other. we chatted about our upcoming family vacation, i toured them around my house, and they not-so-subtly reminded me that today is their anniversary, by way of a mention of french-kissing that made my 14-yr old inner self be all BLECH while my sentimental side was all AWWW HOW SWEET.

my parents have been happily married for 32 years. (that's over 3 decades more than Mark and me, and some days i feel like the two of us have been married for-ev-er.) they are still very much in love, and i feel immensely blessed to be their daughter, and to have them in my life as a wonderful example of a loving, Godly marriage.

dancing at our wedding, October 2010

i turned to the Google to check up on the traditional anniversary gift, just to see if 'phone call' would finally be recognized as an acceptable gift, but i came up with nothing. i guess (traditionally) when you've been married as long as these two, you're no longer really expected to remember your anniversary every. single. year, just every 5 or so.

BUT the modern anniversary gift for your 32nd year is listed as 'Conveyances.' i'm not 100% sure what this means, but i think its supposed to be something like a car. or a fire truck. maybe a bike or a scooter would suffice.  perhaps for the exceptionally cash-strapped, a walk would be a good substitute. most likely a combination is expected, since conveyances is obviously plural. but i'm pretty sure what it does NOT mean is a couples' dentist appointment, which is what my parents have planned for their day. talk about romantic!

happy anniversary you two crazy kids... and may your conveyance to your dentist appointments be extra special today!

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Miss Brenda said...

Ahhh. Can't wait to see you in person.