Monday, June 25, 2012

meal plan monday: june 25.

so if you havent noticed by now, these meal planning posts are pretty much just blog-filler - a predetermined monday morning feature to jumpstart my posting for the week, even when i'm at my sleepiest. i'm pretty sure that very few people read these posts and/or actually give a hoot what i'm eating on what day, but i keep doing them because they really are extremely helpful to me. they force me to sit down for 15 minutes or so every monday (if i could ever get my act together on the weekends it would be awesome to change this to sunday) and plan ahead just enough to take most of the stress out of grocery shopping and make me feel like i'm not a complete and utter failure at being an adult-type person.

unrelated picture is unrelated.

and since i'm being all ADULT and RESPONSIBLE, this week's plan is pretty light so that we can empty our fridge of anything that would be likely to rot and/or grow mold before we leave for vacation this weekend. yeah, you heard me. we are  vacating the premesis for 5 whole days while we escape to the mountains of PA with my entire extended family. but just in case you think its kind of the opposite of adult and responsible to tell all of the thieves and robbers on the internets that we're going away, let me tell you that we have absolutely nothing of real value in our house, my in-laws are borderline obsessive about checking on our house when we're gone, and also our neighbor is a COP Y'ALL. break and enter at your own risk.

we are counting down the days until vacation, and this is what we'll be eating while we wait.

Monday: leftover chicken tacos. (best.thing.EVAR!)
Tuesday: quesadillas with salsa.
Wednesday: breakfast for dinner.
Thursday: frozen raviolis.
Friday: most likely grab Subway for the road.
Saturday-Wednesday: family vacation!

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