Monday, June 11, 2012

meal plan monday: june 11.

so for the minimal amount of planning that went into last week, coupled with a haphazard, list-less grocery run, but encouraged by some of your meal suggestions, we actually wound up eating pretty well.

Wednesday's dinner. sometimes i impress myself. 

this week, i'm being a bit more deliberate in my meal planning, if not even a little bit ambitious. i have two new recipes to try, both from skinnytaste, that sound delicious, reasonable, and probably even a little healthy.

Monday: Quesadillas.
Tuesday: Crock-Pot Meatball Subs. (recipe-ish)
Wednesday: Angel Hair with Zuchinni and Tomatoes. (recipe)
Thursday: Fish and Rice.
Friday: Grilled Citrus Herb Chicken.
Saturday: if i'm being honest, probably Frozen Raviolis.
Sunday: Fathers Day/Dan's birthday with the inlaws.

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