Friday, June 8, 2012

so what next?

i'm a little bit scattered lately when it comes to project planning - i am having trouble focusing on any one thing. this means that not much has been getting done around our house apart from mostly keeping on top of everyday things like dishes and laundry and the occasional 10-second-tidy on community group nights. granted, my free time has been somewhat limited lately, since a lot of my focus has been on wedding-related things. but now that Vic and Russ are happily married and off on their honeymoon, i'm free to focus on house-stuff again, but i'm having trouble landing on any one specific project.

Mark is going to be spending his weekend in one or both of the bathrooms, installing new exhaust fans. i already offered my extensive expertise in things like wiring and electricity and the fine art of flashlight-holding, but he said he probably wouldnt need my help too much. which means i'm on my own to find another project to tackle.

first on my list: the flower beds. they are in desperate need of some weeding and plants and mulch, since they are no longer looking quite as good as they did after their initial spring cleaning. but taking on this project would require actual weeding. and mulch. and a big strong hubs to heft around heavy bags of mulch because i am a wuss with no real upper body strength or desire to heft bags of mulch on 90 degree days. and the hubs is busy. moving on.

there's always the hand-me-down dresser that needs to be refinished thats been taking up space in our basement since last fall... but that is pretty far down on the priority list, since no one in our house is in desperate need of a dresser anytime soon.

another thing that could use some attention: the mountain-o-junk in the basement.

yes, its basically all my stuff. (Darth is Mark's) and no, i havent even looked in most of the boxes since we moved in almost two years ago. which means that probably half of it could just disappear and i wouldnt even notice. so whats my holdup? i'm glad you asked, because its the next thing on my list.

the office closet. this is probably the most poorly planned closet layout in the history of closets.

i want to load it up with all the stuff from the mountain-o-junk, but i can't. because the shelving system is partially supported in the middle by little skinny legs. they break up the floorspace and make it impossible to put any decent-sized box underneath the shelves, which is just downright inefficient. and annoying. and the annoyance is compounded by the fact that most of the things in this closet (on the shelves anyway) are Mark's, which means that i dont have the final authority on what can get tossed and what has to stay. but as previously mentioned, the hubs is too busy this weekend to sit in the basement with me and tell me that everything has to stay.

so why dont i just focus on the rest of the office then, you ask? well what exactly are you implying, i ask?! are you saying that my office area is a disaster? that it has no useable storage and is ugly and uninspiring and depressing and unorganized and messy and is that MOLD in the corner?!? how do i expect to ever pass this space off as a functional office/guest room you ask? well HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS MUCH ABOUT MY OFFICE, I ASK?????  there's a reason i've never shown you this space before. because it is all of those things. and i have no idea where to start.

actually, that's a lie - i have an idea, but Mark doesnt agree with me. i think we need a new desk. he thinks thats too big of an investment for something that might not be permanent. i want this desk. he wants to wait until we really overhaul the basement. i just want to get started.

either way, desk or no desk, i dont think i can take it much longer in the state its in. and we need to spend some time in there soon looking over financial stuffs. so... i guess there's my answer, huh? looks like i'll be spending my weekend in the basement office, just working with what i've got...

(on an obscurely related note, anyone know where we can get a futon mattress without breaking the bank?)

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