Wednesday, June 27, 2012

softball news.

so remember last year when i went to watch Mark play softball and i missed his TWO spectacular diving catches in the outfield because i have the attention span of a goldfish? well i decided to try that whole 'watching softball' thing again this year. i actually went to two games last week. and guess how many times the ball got hit to Mark in left center field? none. that's how many. and i was even waiting patiently and paying attention and not getting lost in conversation with the other spectators. (mostly because most of the time, i was their ONLY spectator) i guess its not his fault that all of the action just happened to be in left field, diving catches and all.

i was forced to settle for seeing the hubs slide into home as the winning run in a nail-biter of a comeback win. i mean its cool, but i dont know that it quite compares to the spectacularity of a diving catch. BUT! i took pictures this year!

do you like his pants? they're new this season. he decided he needed them to help keep his knees safe and unscraped what with all the sliding into bases he tends to do. they worked pretty well for a while, until he ripped a big hole in them and his knee on a particularly nasty slide. so, being a good wife and all, i sewed them up for him. he hasnt slid again since, so i guess i'll have to wait and see how well my stitchery holds up.

so i guess there's really not much newsworthy here. mark's playing softball again. he's wearing pants instead of shorts. nothing real earth-shattering. but i made it to see him play, i paid attention the whole time, and i had pictures i wanted to share. so i shared them. but now i can't come up with a witty way to end this. or even a non-witty way to end this.

the end.

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