Tuesday, June 5, 2012

letters from the wedding.

i'm having a hard time with my words today. i want to tell you all about my sister-in-law's wedding, because it was a great day and i love a good wedding and because these two are one of the sweetest couples i know, but all my words seem inadequate. i can't quite find that sweet spot between a dull detail-oriented play-by-play of the days events and a lazy photo dump with simple captions. the sweet, flowing prose just isn't there today. but short, sweet letters? i think maybe i can handle that.

Dear Victoria - you were an absolutely stunning bride: you were glowing, bubbly, graceful, gracious, and absolutely beautiful. and even though you're still very new at this, i know you will make a wonderful wife. you and Russ have such a great head start, having known each other for so very long. i have only known you for the past few years, but i have always loved watching you two interact: you are both so sweet and laid back and understanding. so i'm sure you first fight will be a real doozy! but seriously, i really look forward to seeing the great things that God has planned for the two of you. Congrats again, Mrs, F!

PS - i just love this picture of you. again - absolutely stunning.

Dear Groomsmen - you are proof that Russ has good taste in friends. you are all upstanding gentlemen, with good senses of humor and selfless attitudes. it was a joy spending a sunny afternoon celebrating with you. and i just have to say, you all look quite dashing in pink bowties.

Dear Bridesmaids - i am so glad that through Vic i was able to meet all of you and get to know you so much better. you are all stunningly beautiful ladies and a ton of fun to hang out with!

Dear Weather - thankyouthankyouthankyou for cooperating and giving Vic and Russ such a gorgeous day! you gave us a nice little scare on friday night, what with your giant thunderstorms and ACTUAL TORNADOES and all, but you really turned it around for saturday. a gorgeous day for a gorgeous couple.

Dear Trinity Church - you are a lovely venue for a wedding and needed very little extra decoration. but i have to say that these pew decorations were pretty kick-butt.

Dear Mens Wearhouse - you might want to look into providing shoes with rental tuxes that are slightly higher quality, so they will not fall to pieces if one groomsman accidentally gives another a flat tire while walking up the aisle. while fixing a flapping sole or two does make a strong argument for the versatile uses of duct tape and sharpies, no bride ever wants to actually have to USE those items from their wedding day emergency kit.

Dear Delaney - you are an awesome flower girl, and a very careful lollipop eater. it takes some serious skillz to eat a blue raspberry dum dum and keep it confined to just your tongue and not your teeth or lips or hair or dress. if this were munchkinland, you would probably be voted president of the lollipop guild.

Dear Vince - just curious, how many people have you ever had to squeeze into a limo? was this 16 person bridal party anywhere near maximum?  i mean, we were still quite comfortable, but i'm not sure where we would have put a 17th person... thank you for being such a courteous and helpful driver, and for making sure we did not have to use any of the emergency exits.

Dear Russ - i know you already know this, but you are an extremely lucky guy. your new wife thinks the world of you, and i know you think twice as highly of her. your mutual respect and love for each other is inspiring, and was evidenced by the fact that you both kept your promise to forego the cake-face-smashing and keep it clean. also, props to you for keeping your honeymoon plans a secret. i still don't know where you guys are this week. i wish you all the best in your married life, and am proud to call you my brother-in-law-in-law.

Dear Self - you should maybe think about overcoming your fear of screwing up your settings and actually play around with your new camera a little bit and figure out how to take action shots that arent a complete blur.

Dear Everybody Else - with all the traditional wedding formalities out of the way, you took full advantage of your opportunity to party hardy. thank you for this. it was much more fun dancing with all of you than it would have been if i was the only one making a fool of myself on the dance floor...

...we threw our hands up in the air sometimes, jumped on it, chicken danced, cupid shuffled, and just generally danced the night away. and it was a blast. i am amazed that i kept up with you guys, especially since i forgot to ever change out of my heels and into flip flops... but my throbbing feet at the end of the night were worth it, because i got to dance and laugh and sing at the top of my lungs with you.

Dear Mark - you are a great brother. i have always loved watching you and your siblings when you are all together. you all share a ridiculous sense of humor and a close relationship that you can really only have with people you have grown up with. i can tell that your brothers and sister all look up to you, and you are a wonderful role model for them. watching you dance with Victoria was one of my favorite moments of the day, and one of many that made happy-tears well up in my eyes. i love you.

Dear Mark and Cynthia - you done good. i know weddings are a little bit stressful, and i know it is hard to give away your only daughter, but you handled it superbly. you have raised your kids into responsible, respectable young adults, and as one of the two people that have married into your family so far, i thank you for that. your love and support for your kids is evident in every decision you make, and i feel blessed to have such wonderful in-laws.

Love Always, Mando.

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