Monday, June 4, 2012

meal plan monday: june 4.

June? really?! already??? wow.

moving on to some completely unrelated things...
...things that are making me smile today: my earrings.

...things i am glad to no longer be wearing today: my bridesmaid shoes.

more wedding photos to come. promise. 

...things i am mailing today: a box. 

...things i am ready for today: a nap.

...things i have to do today: groceries. laundry. dishes. cleaning.

...things that i am totaly unprepared for today: this week's meals.

Monday: pasta in vodka sauce. (jar sauce, of course.)
Tuesday: i'm feeling taco night.
Wednesday: the crockpot is finally clean. let's dirty it again.
Thursday: is it in bad taste to have two mexican nights in one week?
Friday: we should grill something. and eat s'mores.
Saturday: lunchmeat sandwiches?
Sunday: breakfast for lunch.

anyone care to help me fill in the specifics?

1 comment:

Abi said...

Might I suggest Boboli? Black Bean Burritos? Paninis and soup? or that crockpot mac and cheese you pinned a while back?