Tuesday, June 26, 2012

this weekend in history.

(my written records go all the way back to my high-school days. anything farther back than that is too hard to remember.)

2004: this was just before i started blogging. which at that point was just journaling on the internet, and immensely embarrasing.

2005: i started surveying with Pap for the summer.
"Hey all...and so begins the rest of my summer away! yah, i'm at the grandparents right now...and for a good while too. but hey, i'm happy. I got here yesterday, and already today i went out on my first day of "surveying"... i got to play around on the roads with a metal detector like u see stupid ppl have goin down the beach and stuff...and we dug big holes in the road, and tromped around in ppl's yards and all that good stuff... I'm also spending a lot of time with my cousins, Sammy and Colton. They're funny... I love all y'all and i'll keep u updated as much as i can...much love. i'm out."

2006: i took a summer speech class.
"i have decided that i really like 3 week summer classes... my first day of class was last thursday. i gave my second speech today, and my (opennote) midterm is tomorrow. then i have a week in which i have 2 speeches to do, then a long weekend, a review day, and my final. im done by the second weekend in July, just in time for the not-a-fiesta. i am firmly convinced that some classes, like speech, should just work that way all the time."

2007: i endured a really rough day at work
"...ten things i did today: 1. i sat in a lawn chair in the shade. 2. i played with two adorable dogs. 3. i enjoyed the sunshine and a nice breeze. 4. i did a sudoku. 5. i ate lunch. 6. i accepted a bottle of water from a nice lady. 7. i sat under a tree. 8. i ran the power dead on my ipod. 9. i cleaned out my car (a little). 10. i chatted with a friend from Lancaster about his and his girlfriends jobs...have i mentioned that i am a fan of state employment?"

2008: i contemplated how to better manage my time at work.
" people who smoke at work take smoke breaks. people at penndot smoke a LOT. and the only break they count is a half hour for lunch. BUT if they're smoking a pack a day at work (thats 20 cigarettes... i had to ask someone that) and it takes about 5 or 6 minutes to smoke one, thats like 2 hours of time. so why are they allowed to get paid for smoking? why am i missing out on this bonus?"

2009: i celebrated the start of the summer at Gram and Paps.
"First Day of Summer. almost check. when i was looking at the calendar to figure out that fathers day wasnt last sunday, i also found out that june 21 was also the first day of summer! what a surprise. especially cuz its cold and gray and rainy here in the 'burg."

2010: things were a bit crazy what with all the house-hunting and wedding planning going on.
 "...got up and went to early service. chatted with youth pastor about DJing our wedding. drove to BBnB. registered for some wedding presents. drove back to fiances house for fiances dad's birthday party. played with beads for bridesmaids jewelry with fiances aunt. continued to discuss making an offer on the house. got frustrated that we couldnt do anything cuz it was sunday. drove home. febreezed whole apartment cuz it reeked of smoke thanks to my new next door neighbors. went to bed."

2011: i continued to surprise and amaze with my prowess in the kitchen.
 "i was almost certain that i would undercook the fish, burn the topping, and give us both some sort of fish-disease...mark claims it was restaurant quality. i think it was the parsley garnish that put it over the top."

2012: we hung something on the wall!

yes, we've owned our house for just under two years, and we just now finally hung something decorative on the walls. i guess it took us that long to reprogram ourselves out of our command-hook loving ways that we learned thanks to years of college and renting. and then since we spent so much time fixing and painting the walls when we bought this place, it felt almost counter-productive to willingly put holes in them. but we did it. and i like it.

i got this mirror last year for $2 at a yardsale. it floated around the house, moving from the basement to the guest room to the front room while it waited for us to figure out where to hang it. i'm still not quite convinced that its absolutely perfect, (it might need some company up there on the wall to fill out the space?) but its definitely better than nothing... and at the very least, its another thing we can cross off the list!

and since we decided that the majority of our time this weekend was better spent outside of the house, that's really all i've got to share on the home improvement front. painting the office will have to wait for another weekend.

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