Friday, July 20, 2012

better late than never.

this week, Mark hung another thing on the wall. in the basement this time. does anyone recognize it or know what it is?

no idea why everything looks crooked. its like a fun house!  

my amazing brother-in-law Micah built this dart board cabinet for Mark, to class up the dart board that we inherited with the house. isnt it beautiful? he's one talented guy, that Micah.

and just in case you cant see the details from far away, check out these way cool door pulls - those are actual darts that were welded onto threaded posts to attach them to the doors. love them!

so... did i mention that Micah gave this to Mark as a present two Christmases ago? yeah. we feel a little bad that it took us so long to get it together... but now its all hung and level and ready to play! we're probably going to need a bit of practice though... Mark has put one hole in the cabinet already.

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