Friday, July 27, 2012

it could be worse.

so APPARENTLY my husband doesnt fully appreciate my asking all of the internets for their opinion as to what color i should paint our front door, and APPARENTLY he has an opinion on all of this as well. so i would just like to say, for the record, that there are PLENTY of other options out there, and i have done very well in narrowing my choices down to the color blue. after all, the rainbow is FULL of wonderful colors, like:
Pink, Orange, Yellow, Yellow-Green, Lime Green, and Purple.



and since i found this awesome Color Visualizer, (courtesy of Sherwin-Williams) i figure i'd update with new photos showing the leaders so far:

Tied for First: Navy and Denim.

In a Close Second: Electric.

Still In The Running: Turquoise.

so now that you have a better idea of what these colors might look like on my actual house, anyone care to change their vote? or to vote again? i think my favorite has definitely changed, but i'm not telling so it doesnt influence your votes!


Minnie said...

in the pics I like navy best, but I'm still sticking with electric blue

Abi said...

Sad to say I might like the denium door after trying it on.

Abi said...

The vote is in from Florida. My SIL and MIL think the electric looks like the bottom of the pool... And vote navy first then denium (for what it's worth).