Monday, July 30, 2012

meal plan monday: july 30.

so... honesty time: last week's meal plan was kind of a bust. i mean, it was a great plan, but i kind of failed HARD when it came to actually following through with said plan. i think the only meals from the plan that we actually ate were the quesadillas and the frozen raviolis, because they were quick and easy, and because i was super lazy. the rest of the week, we managed to survive on leftovers, chick-fil-a, and a family birthday party, which all made for some pretty good eating... but i'd have to say the low point of the week was definitely the night that i ate some grapes and a brownie for dinner.

but even though dinner last week was a flop, breakfast turned out to be a major win. i needed to use up some of the rotten bananas that were chilling on my counter attracting fruit flies, so i tried a pinterest recipe for banana oatmeal muffins.

for being gluten free-ish (well, they dont use any flour, so if you use GF oats, then i guess they count) they were pretty delish. Mark and i have both been eating them for breakfast all week, even though Mark is not usually a fan of banana-bread-type-things. two thumbs up from each of us.

so since i could only get it together enough to cover breakfast and lunch last week (2 outta 3 meals aint bad, right?) this week's plan is basically a carbon copy of last week's, just slightly rearranged to make the best use of previously purchased perishable ingredients, which is thankfully going to make for a super-easy grocery trip today.

Monday: vegetable tian.
Tuesday: tilapia with cucumber salad.
Wednesday: cilantro lime chicken with rice.
Thursday: crock pot beef burgundy.
Friday: leftovers.
Saturday: frozen raviolis.
Sunday: tacos.

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