Friday, July 6, 2012

ugh. nature.

all I wanted to do was walk calmly into my door on a Friday after work. instead, i freaked the freak out, danced around on my front porch, and threw all of the things on the ground. I blame nature.

i threw it on the GROUND

first, i ran into the spider who built its web between the two shrubs in front of our front door. then, as i was frantically ninja-ing the spiderweb off of me and making sure the spider wasn't ON ME, along came the bee who buzzed all around my head because I was disturbing it from its task of building a nest in the doorframe, right next to the OTHER spider who is lucky I am short enough to walk under its giant pregnant web otherwise it would have been evicted much sooner.

you know, I probably really wouldn't mind nature if it wasn't for all of its wildlife showing up AT MY FRONT DOOR.

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