Thursday, July 5, 2012

vacations are exhausting.

back at work today after a long holiday weekend. but its ok, because long weekends make for short weeks. i only have to work today and tomorrow before i get another weekend. i like the way this works.

i spent the past 5 days hanging out with my extended family in the woods in Pennsylvania. and it was awesome. i love my family (yes, all of them!) and anytime that we're all together is a good time. so i thought i would share with you a recipe of sorts so that you too can have a great family vacation.

Recipe for a Great Vacation

- 2 grandparents.
- 14 aunts and uncles.
- 18 cousins.
- 3 in-laws.
- 2 great-grandbabies.
- 2 big houses in the woods.

Mix ingredients in random order. Have a plan. Change it at least twice. Sprinkle in a dash of drama and douse with a liberal volume of alcohol for most interesting results.

Optional (but highly recommended) Adventures:
- 1 pretty big jenga game.

- 1 afternoon of mini-golf.

- 3 hula hoops.

- 1 kan jam "tournament."

- 1 birthday boy.

- 1 giant fire pit.

- lots of glowsticks.

- 1000s of feet of ziplining.

- 21 miles of bike riding.

- 3 hours and 470 feet underground in a cave.

it was a wonderful, dirty, tiring, exciting, relaxing, fabulous couple of days full of family, fun, and lots of laughter, and i was so sad to have to pack up and leave tocome back home to my real world of work and laundry and all that other boring stuff that i ramble on and on about here basically every other day of the year.

i have more pictures. they all have stories to go with them. they all make me smile. i'll try and post some more of them tomorrow or next week. and if you're reading this from vacation, i love you and i miss you and i can't wait to see you all again!

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