Monday, July 23, 2012

meal plan monday: july 23.

this week i am:
...using my dayplanner again.
...thinking about becoming a jazzercise instructor.
...trying to remember what (if anything) we planned the weekend of Aug 3. the bathrooms.
...making a birthday present.
...preparing to meet with a financial planner.
...not going to singlehandedly eat that entire pan of brownies. i swear.
...planning some yummy dinners.

Monday: tilapia with cucumber salad. (recipe)
Tuesday: chicken quesadillas.
Wednesday: crock pot beef burgundy. (recipe)
Thursday: frozen raviolis.
Friday: cilantro chicken. (recipe)
Saturday: tacos.
Sunday: vegetable tian. (recipe)


Miss Brenda said...

You should do it. Really.

AmiDawn said...

the brownies?