Wednesday, July 18, 2012

come (yard)sail away.

on my sister's way back from visiting her new house over the weekend, she and her family stopped at our house to visit with her favorite sister! (ok so maybe they also wanted to break up their long drive and have a free place to sleep for the night, but the main reason was to see me i'm sure) 

since she was coming on a Saturday, i invited her to come yardsailing with me and my friend Nadine. it was a rainy morning, which meant that there weren't a lot of people venturing out, which made for pushy sellers who were willing to negotiate to make a deal. check out what i got:

- a little white side table for the basement - $15  $7
- an awesome rolling bar cart to refinish - $10  $7
- blue train case - $10  $5
- angel food cake pan - $1  incl. w/train case
- scrabble game - $2  incl. w/train case
- 'made from scratch' rubber stamp - $0.50
- new years cookie cutters w/sprinkles - $0.50
- snowflake cookie cutters - $2  $1
   Grand Total: $41  $21

admittedly, not the greatest deals ever in the history of yardsailing, but not too shabby for my first yardsale outing of the year either, especially since i'm not usually someone who really likes to barter.  i think the bar cart is my favorite, and i can't wait to paint it!

the scrabble game turned out to be missing a dozen or so letters, which in the grand scheme of old board games is not too bad, and really a non-issue for me since i didnt buy the game intending to play it. thanks to Pinterest, i've got plans for those old scrabble tiles...

... but i'm going to need more tiles if i'm going to finish this thing by Christmas, (only 159 days!) especially since just one name managed to use up half of my A tiles. so i know its starting to get late in the yardsailing season, but if you see any scrabble games, or if you happen to have one that is missing a few pieces that you would be willing to part with, just know that i'm on the hunt... because i'm going to need approximately a zillion more A's to make this particular project happen.


Anastasia said...

say what you want about certain names that require a lot of A's....they make a really handy place to branch other names off of.

Abi said...

What, no mention of the cat ashes? Or the giant yard sale? (that was closed)