Monday, July 4, 2011

long weekend, long project.

so, the room is still not done. BUT! there is progress! we are still moving forwards and we are happy about it!

Mark spent all day Saturday and Sunday putting more layers of spackle on the walls and ceiling. all the joints, all the holes, and all the corners. thats a lot of spackle. i think we used two whole buckets.

today, Mark is sanding. we have the doors to the room completely plasticked off to contain the dust and keep it out of the rest of the house. the windows and the sliding glass door are open to try and let as much dust as possible out of the room. its a pretty good system so far. too bad it doesnt keep the hubs as dust-free as it does the rest of the house.

Mark thinks the corners might need one more coat of spackle. sadface. but once that is taken care of and all the dust is cleaned up, then we can take the plastic off the doorways and start to prime and paint and fix the doorways and put the room back together and someday hopefully maybe call this project DONE... just in time to move onto the next one.


Abi said...

Woohoo, go ami and mark!

Brenda's Man said...

Does Mark sound like Darth Vader in the mask? :) I can honestly say I'm glad I am too far away to help with this one! I don't do joint compound very well. But I love you both!

Brenda's Man said...

Good thing he has you to serve the popsicles. Was watching HGTV last night and saw a helpful hint for sanding the corners. Is it too late to pass it on?

Brenda's Man said...

Sorry, I am posting as your dad!!

AmiDawn said...

he has some sort of a corner sanding block that seems to work pretty well, at least as far as i can tell from looking in through the plastic :) i've stayed out of the room completely since the sanding started.