Wednesday, July 20, 2011

playing hard-, i mean softball.

the hubs had his last regular season softball game last night, so i skipped jazzercise to go and watch him play. (and there was a cookout after the game, so i didn't have to make dinner. winning!) i hadn't gone to any other games all season, and the hubs was pretty excited that i was coming to see him play, and let's not forget about the whole food thing, so better late than never, right?

turns out i still have the attention span of my 12-year-old self when it comes to church league softball. during the top of the first inning, when the hubs was in right-center field, he made a spectacular diving catch. well, at least that's what i hear. i kind of missed it. (but in my own pathetic defense thats like RIGHT at the VERY beginning of the game and since when does anything amazing ever happen in the first inning?) (please dont answer that) (also i kind of missed the first few batters of the game because i thought it was still batting practice.) BUT i do know that he scored one of the team's 6 runs in the bottom of the first, because i watched him bat, and i watched him run all the bases, and i saw him steal home on a pop-up fly out to center field. (he tagged up, so it was totally legal)

then came the second inning. by this point in the game i had gotten myself in a rather deep conversation about hair, and haircuts, and perms, and debate about how soon is too-soon to re-perm one's hair straight to get rid of the perm that was put in about three months prior that you really never liked. really serious stuff you guys. my sister's first grade perm fiasco experience may or may not have been brought up.

sorry stasia.

at one point, this extremely important discussion was interrupted by some sort of commotion that was happening on the field. oh right, a softball game, yeah that. i looked up and saw the hubs throw out the runner at second, and i surmised that he must have also caught the ball, making it a double play! what i didnt realize was that i had missed ANOTHER diving catch. apparently of the variety where his whole body was airborne and the only part of him that was touching the ground was his glove with the ball in it. and i missed it. sigh. there goes my wife-of-the-year award. but on the bright side, he got up off the ground mostly unscathed, and we got free dinner afterwards!

 the tough guy modeling his battle wounds

he claims its not that bad. but it makes me feel worse that he got hurt and i didnt even see it.

amazingly, i think i could have actually been a worse spectator. i mean, i didnt spend the entire game playing in the creek, or chasing geese, or walking to my friend's house, all of which i did at most, if not all of my previous church league softball games. although if there had been a creek at this game, who knows if i would have been able to contain myself to just sitting in the bleachers... some habits die hard.


Abi said...

Thanks for cutting me out of that great hair shot. :)

AmiDawn said...

dont worry i'll be sure to include you if i ever do an 'Ode to Mullets'

Miss Brenda said...

Oh, My! I can't wait to giggle with you in person.

Brenda's Man said...

That's a nasty scrape! It's not going to impede Mark's running next week is it?
Can't wait to see you alll!