Monday, July 25, 2011

down on the farm.

this is (part of) my small group. we usually meet on Thursdays, but we got together this past Saturday to help out Becky with some work that she needed to catch up on at the horse farm where she works.

the farm crew: Abi, Becky, Mark, Me, and Alex.

we shoveled horse poop. we fixed fences with varying degrees of nail-pounding skill and success. in the rain. (that felt SO nice!) we fixed holes in the barn walls. we cleaned bathrooms. we combatted rats and spiders and biting flies. we raked and hauled and tossed hay. i ended up with giant broken blisters on both of my thumbs. by the time we were done, it was 97 degrees outside. we were hot and sweaty and dirty and stinky.

and it was awesome. we chatted and joked and laughed the whole time. we didnt even realize our own stank until we decided to go get something for lunch and realized that our options were limited to places that would not judge us too harshly for having horse poo on our legs. we ended up sitting on the ground in the shade outside the front door of the WaWa up the road. it was a really fun way to spend a Saturday morning.

and then i went home and showered and zonked out for a two hour nap. and that was pretty awesome too.

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