Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what else i've been up to.

so, since Mark has been doing most of the work up to this point in the fireplace room, i have been finding other things to keep me busy and productive.

first, i designed and made the tshirts for our family 5k that we are going to run on vacation at the end of the month. i want to share the final design SO badly, but i'm also having fun keeping it mostly a secret.

next, i put together a photo album of our wedding pictures. i combined the shots from our photographer with my favorites from my sister and aunt. i finished it exactly 9 months after the wedding. and right now it kind of feels like my baby. the next step would be to fill in the last few empty pages with pictures from our honeymoon, but those are not exactly in my possession right now as they are stuck in our external harddrive that refuses to turn on anymore. i hate that thing. lets not talk about it.

i also decided to finish a painting project that i started over a year ago. i saw a similar tryptich once and it inspired me to make my own. i think i might hang it in the fireplace room once its all done.

it feels good to start and finish projects that are so much fun, even when there are countless other projects looming all around. next on the 'fun projects' list are the not-a-credenza and our new hand-me-down dresser for the guest room! stay tuned because we'll be tackling those sometime in the next few months or so!


Abi said...

What a wonderful life you lead. :)

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice that you used the phrases "9 months" and "like my baby" in the same paragraph. Just wanted to point that out.

AmiDawn said...

Rob, that was a deliberate use of those phrases but not in any way indicitive of the actual state of my baby-ness (which is not happening anytime soon just for the record)

Miss Brenda said...

I love the triptych. Does it come in green? Also, looking forward to my shirt. Almost makes me want to go right out and run.

Abi said...

I'm with you Miss Brenda --- "almost" ;)

the indians and pirates said...

I love your artwork! I might be consulting this post in the future when I am feeling crafty.