Tuesday, July 5, 2011

party animals.

just in case you were worried that we spent our entire long weekend inside working on the house and never went outside and had no fun and didn't properly celebrate the Fourth of July, i am here to tell you that you are so wrong. sure, we spent our days inside dealing with drywall and dust, but when the evenings rolled around we were bonafide party animals.

it all started on Thursday night with a fantastically fun cookout with our small group. burgers, mac n cheese, a fire, s'mores, laughter and good conversation... and to think that was just the beginning.

on Friday after work, we ended up meeting up with Ed and Nadine, going to the batting cages, (i dont think i hit a single thing) and then playing frisbee in the park until it was too dark to see.

on Saturday evening, we went out to Ed's parents' house to watch the UFC main event and to hang out  with Ed and Nadine and Nick. at this point, i had already had such a good weekend and was more than happy to declare it a complete success, even though we still basically had a whole 'nother weekend left ahead of us!

Sunday morning, we met a new couple at church, Tim and Tiffany. we sat in the same row and chatted during 'stand-up-and-greet-your-neighbor' time, and at the end of the service they invited us to a bonfire at their house that night with Andrew, Kerri, and Bridget. there was a fire, and s'mores, and sparklers, and stories, and a good time was had by all. yay for new friends!

Monday afternoon took us to Mark's parents' house for a family 4th of the 'ly party combined with a birthday party for Aunt Denise. we thoroughly enjoyed burgers and dogs on the grill, fun in the pool, and birthday cake and desserts of all sorts.

then we were off to Bel Air with Ed and Nadine to round out the weekend with some fireworks.

and i honestly dont think it gets any better than that.

are you surprised at our awesome social-ness? yeah, we are too. we had so much fun chillin' with friends both old and new and i didn't take nearly enough pictures. and even though it was SO hard to actually wake up on time for work this morning, the fun we had this weekend was more than worth it.


Miss Brenda said...

What fun. And I thought I had a good weekend. Plus, me thinks my patio needs a pool. Guess I will have to buy the house next door myself...

Abi said...

Oh, I like that. Can we book our first week at Miss Brenda's Pool and Patio house?

nancyann said...

I'll bake cookies and muffins.