Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fun, food, fellowship, and softball.

last night was the softball league's fellowship game. the way i understand it, it's kind of like an all-star game, except without the whole "all-star" thing. a couple players from each team in the league all get together and play a for-all-intents-and-purposes meaningless game of softball before the final tournament starts on thursday. the thing that makes this game different from an "all-star" game is that the players aren't necessarily the best players from each team, but rather just those that are available that evening. its all about having a good time and getting to know people on the other teams.

and a good time was had by all, the pitcher tried some behind the back pitches (i didnt know that was possible!), the ump made some pretty wacky calls (calling strikes as soon as the ball was pitched lol) and the coaches/score keepers threw a couple faux-fits-of-rage. seriously, it was the most fun a meaningless game of church league softball can be.

since i was already in the area getting my hair cut, i decided to go watch my "all-star" play. including the hubs, i knew a grand total of two people there, but there was free food, which meant that i didnt have to make dinner. awesome.

also awesome: what this field has that might prove to be better than a creek... a pond!

i can't believe i didn't know about this before now. i am SO going to more games next season...

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