Monday, July 18, 2011


yes, i saw it on opening weekend.

no, it wasn't the first midnight showing. it was sunday afternoon.

yes, i prepared for it by re-reading the first 6 books.

no, i did not re-read the last book. because i do not own it. yet.

no, i did not remember what happened at all.

yes, this made the movie way more fun to watch.

yes, i dorked out through the entire thing.

no, i never thought i'd ever really be a fan when the books first came out.

yes, it is a little sad that its all over.

no, i did not cry.

yes, i kind of feel like i know those kids.

yes, i realize that they are all my age and i should not call them kids.

no, that does not change the fact that in my head they are all still little like this:

not all grown-up like this:

no, i don't regret that the last two movies i've seen in theaters have been Harry Potter movies.

yes, i loved it. i loved all of it.

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Miss Brenda said...

I agree with everything you said about the movie. Saw it this afternoon. Cried when Snape died. Cheered when Neville beheaded the snake. Can't decide if I want to reread the series or rewatch the movies first.