Friday, July 15, 2011

setback #762.


in the ceiling.

teeny, tiny cracks along every single joint.


we have a few theories as to why this might have happened. my first guess was that it was the water in the water-based primer's fault. and in response to this idea my loving hubband pretty much laughed at me and called me crazy.

so i changed my story, and surmised that it was all the humidity that was let in when we Mark was sanding with the windows open, and the water in the air ate away at the spackle. again, the hubs was skeptical.

and then he came up with his own theory, that since he spackled with the windows shut and the room was cool and conditioned, but then he sanded with the windows open and the room was hot and sweaty, the drywall expanded and pushed together, making all the joints look good while they were sanded. but then when we closed the windows and everything cooled down again, it all contracted again and pulled the spackle in the joints apart eversoslightly. he is very proud of his theory, and so thats the one we're going with.

and so, we have once again inserted a step into our fireplace room to-do list: RE-spackle all the joints one more time and sand them again. (with the windows shut!) and THEN we can prime and paint and all that other stuff. and then maybe? hopefully? possibly? sometime before it snows? we will have our fireplace room back? please?


Brenda's Man said...

I know very little about spackleing except that I am no good at it. But I wonder, did you use paper tape on the joints or that mesh stuff? Just curious so I know what to avoid if I ever open a bucket of joint compound again in my life.(higly unlikely)

AmiDawn said...

we used the mesh stuff on the joints, paper tape on the corners. its weird because this is exactly the same process Mark used to do the ceiling in our bedroom and it turned out just fine. he thinks it might have something to do with the original ceiling not being tight to the joists so it has a little bit of wiggle room. we're mostly ignoring the cracks and moving on.